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Yacht Broker Ron Rickard

Yacht Broker/Consultant Ron Rickard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Tel: 954-629-3714
New Builds and Construction of Luxury Yachts

New Luxury Yacht Construction

Many long time yacht owners believe that the best way to get just the boat you want is to have it built. Most will also tell you that their involvement in the build process is extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

New Build Luxury Sail Yacht There are two basic approaches to building a new luxury yacht. The first is a fully-custom build, starting from scratch with new designs. The second is best described as a semi-custom build, which normally utilizes an existing design which is customizable in many, but not all, respects. A fully-custom new build will reflect the owner's desires in nearly all respects. The semi-custom new build, on the other hand, utilizes an existing design which the owner finds desirable, but allows the owner to specify interior arrangements and some exterior design cues. The semi-custom new build is a much more economical approach then the fully-custom new build, because it incorporates existing designs and allows the builder to realize many of the economies of scale inherent in production boats.

There are some circumstances where a semi-custom new build may end up costing no more then the purchase of a new production luxury yacht. This is particularly true in cases where the builder is starting a new line of luxury yachts and wants to deliver some new boats quickly to market without the high overhead of building unsold vessels. In these cases, an owner can often negotiate very favorable deals on a new semi-custom new build yacht at purchase prices which rival production boats but with many owner generated custom features.

New Yacht Construction

My job as a broker for a new construction luxury yacht is to help find the best builder for each project, to negotiate the best price and to ensure that the buyer is protected against delays or other circumstances which might threaten his interests in an on time and on budget delivery.

If You Have Searched All the Yachts For Sale and Cannot Find the Perfect Motor Yacht For Sale or Sailing Yacht For Sale, Consider Building a New Yacht!


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Yacht Broker Ron Rickard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
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