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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2010
The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show


The worldwide market for motor yachts for sale and sailing yachts for sale has, as we all know, been pretty rocky, with super low prices that still failed to bring out many buyers. If the shows this year are any indication, and they usually are, of the state of the market, one can conclude that the boating recession is finally weakening it’s hold on us. Yes, buyers are still rare and prices are still substantially lower then 18 months ago, but buyers are not as rare as they once were and prices, while still low, are stabilizing.

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None of the foregoing was evident at the Miami Boat Show which was held in the middle of a major, major cold front that made walking the docks a definite “no go”! One could see a few frozen yacht brokers and crew, but that was about it! The Fort Lauderdale Show, on the other hand, had a wonderful turnout of motor yachts for sale and even the odd sailing yacht for sale. The crowds were better then the prior year, but not great, and included in their number some actual potential buyers. The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show was not a firestorm of deals, but it was good enough to suggest that things are beginning to change.

What does all of this mean to you? Well, for one thing, there are still plenty of terrific bargains out there, even if they are no longer being replaced with big bargains when they sell. This trend of firming prices will continue and by Show time next year should be quite evident, even though things will not have reverted to the good old days of 2007 and before!

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